Apollo® Gable outdoor home additions are built to become a feature of your home creating style and individuality as well as functionality. Your home will never be considered dull with an Apollo® Gable outdoor home addition.

The Apollo® Gable ridge beam system means there is no more unsightly roof screws under the patio roof system and our pre-angled beam sections ensure that our patios are given a stronger and neater fixing system, with no visible fasteners.

Our innovative king post system does away with unsightly beams making cleaner lines for custom designing.

By utilising Apollo’s unique beam sizes there are greater span options available using fewer posts, which creates more open spaces for patios and carport structures.

The use of colour bond flashing and matching guttering enhances the colour coordination to compliment your existing dwelling.

Ideal for verandahs, feature patio areas and outdoor entertaining areas an Apollo® Gable outdoor home addition provides more light, more breezes and more height and that means more enjoyment for you and your family.